Practiscore Android (1.2.14) bug

Practiscore Android (1.2.14) had a critical bug. It has been fixed and the new version (1.2.15) is available.

You can download the latest version from here now. It should be appearing in Amazon and Google today as it is approved.

Known issue importing ezWS PSS File (iOS v1.6)

iOS v1.6 may not import ezWinScore PSS.txt file. Work around is to use device with prior version, or Android with current, and then synch.

A fix for this was submitted to Apple. If you have trouble and do not have access to any of the work around configurations you can use to import and synch a new match, or email pss.txt file to [email protected] for us to build a match (try to do that before it is urgent).

Short outage 15 Feb 2014

15 Feb 2014

Short outage at 5:50 PM (MST).  Not sure, yet, what cause was. Seems to have come from Amazon Cloud services, perhaps thinking rapid reloads of hundreds of registrants for Northern AZ Classic that opened at 6PM was a Denial of Service attack  Webmaster Dave had it back up by 6:30, and will work with Amazon on Monday to sort out what happened and how to avoid in the future.